Why Twin Dragon Tai Chi?

At Twin Dragon Tai Chi, we recognize that people are interested in Tai Chi for a variety of reasons. Healing, rehabilitation, stress reduction, general health, improving strength, stability, range of motion, and also self-defense.

Through teaching the Tai Chi curriculum of Master Richard Clear, each student's unique goals are considered when learning the art of Tai Chi. This is possible because the curriculum contains powerful "closed door" teachings often not available to the public. Despite our curriculum containing many secrets often not taught publicly, we teach these things openly. This includes:

-Tai Chi form
-Internal power
-Qi Gong energy work
-Rehabilitation methods
-Push hands
-Combat and self defense applications
-Sparring (if desired by the student)

We take your personal, unique goals into consideration so that you can enjoy and benefit from Tai Chi training.

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM. For more information on classes, please contact Jared Voelker at 309-643-7558 or jmvoelker@mail.bradley.edu

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